About Us

The HONT-stav s.r.o. Krupina Company was established in 1993 as a construction company. We branched out to an engineering production in 1998. The engineering production is focused on demining device - Diana production, loading-machine HL 1300 production and aironautical handling engineering production for airports carried out for American company Fedex. We have provided container trolleys for airports in Frankfurt, Milan, Moscow and Stockholm.

The engineering production was also focused on the production of steel structures for football stadium in Chad, as well as on the production of special pallet for the transfer of a flight simulator (airplane Doglas) for American Army to Afghanistan.

Our workers have worked on the oil pipeline maintenance for Transpetrol Company, as well. Corporate managers are co-authors of the patent for successful demining device BOŽENA. They took part in clearing the territory of mines in former Yugoslavia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One of the corporate managers has been awarded a medal for OSN missions by the Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic.

Our employees are skilled and experienced in the area of hydraulic system and electronic control systems.


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